About FPL Fan Store' founders

Posted by Jakub Granat on

Hello everyone, welcome on FPL Fan Store Blog 

We know that usually no one reads this kind of introductions, so we'll make it really short. We are two FPL geeks, who were always trying to find a way to combine a job with our hobby. This is why together we came up with an idea to somehow justify the amount of time we've been spending on FPL for the last 10 years. Couple months ago managed to do that, building "FPL Fan Store", a place dedicated to Fantasy Premier League fans with plenty of different FPL wear & gadgets. It has beed established by FPL fans for FPL fans.

About us & our FPL record:

Tomek - you can find him on Twitter @qchardesign

In private Tomek is husband & father of two wonderful girls, he's graphic designer & web developer. Tomek is one of the best managers in the world in FPL history (he's inside of top 100 in legendary Fantasy Football Scout - Hall of Fame ranking!). Below you can see his all time FPL record and link to his FPL team:


Kuba - you can find him on Twitter @analyst_fpl

In private Kuba is an entrepreneur, founder of two digital start-up's & product owner with very analytical, obsessed with data. Since he started taking FPL (far too) seriously, he's doing quite well. Below you can see his all time FPL record and link to his FPL team:



This blog will be a platform to share with you our thoughts, recommendations and datasets, which we create for each gameweek. Those data are based on our in-house algorithm, were very helpful in achieving decent ranks over two previous seasons (Tomek: 5803 & 12931, Kuba: 15259 & 39166) . We hope you'll enjoy this place, if so please share our thoughts with us and leave sometimes a comment.

Good luck everyone.